Why I Do What I Do | Ball Ground, Georgia

I spent all day yesterday working with a logo designer because in the coming month I will be re-branding. But that's another story for another day for another reason. The reason I brought this up is because this wonderful designer sent me a questionnaire of about 30 questions asking me why I do what I do, what I want my logo to say, why I'm motivated, and what my business really means to me.

And it got me thinking.. a lot! I spent time staring at my computer screen just wondering what to say. I mean my instant answer was "I like to take pretty photos and play with flowers." Not super professional in any manner and not very confident instilling for my clients. So I delved a little deeper - I thought of my ideal client. The ideal words that define my company. The ideal feelings that my clients feel when they see their photos. 

What is my motivation? What makes me do what I do? Well honestly... Love. Love makes me do what I do. From my love of my horses that transformed into wanting to capture everyone else's love of their horse. I don't want to just capture photos of you and your horse staring at the camera. I want to capture moments of you and your horse enjoying time together. So I'm going to follow you for 2/3 hours and talk and learn and snap photos that preserve your bond with your horse. You're going to get candids where your horse is so sweet, and you'll get the bloopers from where the horse dragged you down a hill. But you'll get these moments and you'll smile because this is your horse, your partner, and this is why you love them.

Romance motivates my Boudoir photography - I love romance, I love lingerie, I love that you love yourself, your spouse, your body. Whatever it is - I love that you love it and want to show it off. I want to help you love your body, I want to help you feel confident, I want to help you feel romantic. So I set up my boudoir shoots to be fun and easy and you leave feeling so empowered and gorgeous that you can't remember not thinking of yourself as someone who is super sexy. And my clients deserve that, they deserve to be reminded that they are wonderfully beautiful, and devastatingly sexy every day no matter what. 

And I shoot elopements because that's all they are - Love. Elopements are focused just on love - not on tablecloths, ties, or how big the cake is. Elopements are a moment in time where the world stops and everything pauses and you celebrate your love, your soulmate, your sweet moment becoming Husband & Wife and building a life together. And I want to capture that, I want to provide that, and I want to give you these moments to hang in your home, fill an album in your living room, and hang above your bed. I want to capture the love and then I want to return the favor of allowing me into your moment - by decorating your home with all these little moments that were captured that perfectly preserve your love. 

And I play with flowers because I love flowers. I love flowers - my parents used to wholesale orchids and I can't imagine a home without flowers. So there's no crazy emotional twist on why I provide floral designs other than the fact that I really love flowers. I wish I had more for you there...whoops. 

However I don't do this job for the money, I work a full day job for that. I don't do it to see incredible places and travel the world, I mostly service the Atlanta area and some of North Carolina. I don't do it to become the next photography guru or luxury wedding photographer. I do it because I want to capture the love and give it to you to hold onto forever. To remember that amazing pony that tolerated your children like a champ, the 32 year old retiree that carried you across Cross Country courses safely, the moments that you remembered you are sexy and you deserve to be spoiled, and the moments that you pledge to love one another forever. I do it to be a part of those moments.