We've Moved

Here we are again - schlepping through the mountains of North Carolina and down into the hills of Georgia. We've been relocated back to the Atlanta area and we've chosen Ball Ground as our suburb of choice. I have to say I love it - it's out in the sticks and our house is adorable. But the Starbucks is 2 minutes away and the barn is 4 minutes down the road. It's my ideal situation - and I'm glad it's working out since we picked and leased a house sight-unseen. It could obviously have ended not well at all.

I selected Little Kentucky Farm as our next boarding barn - and while I am going to miss the mess out of my Asheville barn family I'm excited to train with a 3* rider. Zeb retrains ottb's and competes on her own off-track at the 2* level currently. I'm hoping we build a great relationship and I can work alongside her and learn as much as possible! 

We also chose this area to be close to my best friend Kristin Faye who runs Kristin Faye Photography and shoots amazing weddings. So if you're getting married in the South East look her up - she's fabulous! So now that we're back in Georgia please contact me with any shoot requests!

Happy weekend everyone!