Weekend Wrap Up

Friday was a really laid back relaxing day. I got to spend some time with my old co-workers and the one thing I miss about my old company. We had take out PF Changs and ate at her house with her 2 King Charles Cavaliers. They were so adorable and during her 3 hour lunch break we snapped some photos of the boys. Here's a quick sneak peek. I'll have them all up on Wednesday!

Saturday we ran around going to look at cats - I need a cat it's the animal that I can pick up and cuddle since the dogs are too big. My aunt-in-Law Joanna called and offered us one of her cats in Montana. She personally has 5 and her mother has 6 and her mother is moving in with her. Well with 11 cats in the house they have one who is super people focused and he's struggling to adjust. They were worried they would have to put him down because he wasn't adjusting and they didn't want to risk him winding up in a bad home. So they called me and offered to send Moose to us. 

Moose is a 3 year old Maine coone who was bottle fed from the time he was born since he was found abandoned. I've met Moose and he's such a sweet cat who loves to be held like a baby or wrapped around your neck. We gladly said yes and Moose will be coming to live in Georgia in mid-late March.

After all this we ran to my Matron of Honor's baby shower for her sweet baby Anders who is set to make his arrival at the end of April beginning on May. It makes my heart incredibly happy to see how loved she is and how loved Anders will be!

Leaving there we went to my college roommates surprise dinner for her mother who had just beaten Breast Cancer. It was at a very authentic Korean restaurant and I ordered scallops wrapped in bacon. Worst decision ever. I got food poisoning and had to leave suddenly right before we served cake. But I am so so glad Mama Cindy beat cancer and will be with us for quite a while longer!

Something really wonderful happened on Sunday - Toby was found alive and we were able to bring him home! A neighbor Facebook-ed me to inform me that she knew where Toby was. We rushed out of our house, leaving our breakfast in bed on the bed. Naturally Rossi jumped up and finished the meal for us, which I found rather rude considering it was delicious and I wasn't finished with it yet.

We went one street back in our neighborhood and one over across the main rode dividing our neighborhood and lo and behold our cat is perched on a roof. YES  a ROOF. No idea how in the world he got up there but it explained why he couldn't come home. We darted into the neighbors house which he was perched on and dragged him down from the roof. He was very vocal once he saw us and very happy to see EC. Instead of umping down her proceeded to purr and roll over to offer his belly to us out of excitement.

After dragging him down we noticed he was a little lighter in the belly, missing a little hair, and had rubber his claws completely down. But he was instantly purring and trying to bolt for the house. I honestly never thought we'd see him again so I was pretty stunned. He was exhausted and hungry so he spent the rest of the day eating and napping in our laps. He's been very vocal about his happiness to be home and last night no matter how many times I pushed him off the bed he was instantly back up and curled into my side. Which he has not left since then. I can't complain a bit.

Sidenote: we're still getting Moose as well.

Sunday and the weekend in general was rough for  EC and I. We were so busy with the house being inspected/finding the cat/showers and parties/ and booking hotels for Vegas that we pretty much missed connecting with each other. It was rough and I definitely shed a few tears as he left this morning. I hate when we have  a struggle weekend because we really only get 48 hours together. I hate when they aren't the best.

But we'll shoulder onto next weekend with all of our animals home with us.