The Importance of Prints

When I decided to venture into this photography business I obviously did a lot of research and I asked a ton of questions. After quietly watching and reading as much as I could about business models and setting up my company it was time for me to tackle my business plan. In my business plan it became apparent that I wanted to offer prints and I needed to find a way to express to my clients WHY I feel prints are so important. 

For me it was simple - I spend a lot of time on my horse Liam, he gets groomed regularly since he's a grey and is forever dirty. I spend a lot of time with him form riding to working on the ground to just watching him eat. I INVEST a lot in Liam - from money to time it is his, the horse has about 6 blankets... so obviously I enjoy buying him things. 

So when it came to pictures of Liam yes I absolutely would want digitals for Facebook to share my love of this animal, but what about for our home? For me the answer is simple - I want him on our walls, in picture frames, and above the mantle. Because Liam is a huge part of my life I couldn't imagine leaving his photos on a flash drive in my desk and never actually displaying them. 

So as I set up my business I knew immediately that I wanted to offer Art to my clients - I want you to be able to look at the frame on the wall with the photo of your horse and have that in your home. I want you to get more out of your session than just a USB in your desk drawer and a photo on Facebook and I want to help you decide which ones are the right ones. Since I primarily shoot equestrian sessions I knew that this is the right product to offer my clients and I want to make sure you get the most out of your session.

Because there is a big difference between prints from Target and prints from the pro studios I have contracts with. Between color calibration and sizing options I want to make sure that you get a print worthy of putting on your wall. Whether you want flat prints, canvases, bamboo wraps, or albums to keep on your coffee table; my goal is to make it as perfect as possible for you.

Your horse is worth your time and investment throughout it's entire life - make sure your prints are worthy of that partnership!

Do you prefer digitals or prints? Where would you place a canvas print of your horse?