The Balancing Act - the Horse is ALWAYS Dirty


One of the things I really struggle with is balancing a work, life, second job combo...oh and the horse, I struggle there too. It's hard to balance a full time job - that while I'm good at is hard to stay motivated at sometimes. Then it's hard to juggle the fact that I work from home and the computer is always on and my boss is known for sending texts out in the morning and after 8pm making it essentially an all access pass job. Then that means that my fiancee occasionally gets the short end of the stick when I kick him out of a room to take a late night work call.

Add in the fact that I am marketing the photography very hard and have aligned with traveling out of state to several different barns to do multiple sessions soon. When do I find time for the first job, me, Liam? It's a balancing act and I'm sure I'm failing at it. I struggle some mornings to wake up in time to make it to the barn to ride before my work day starts. I have to skip some webinars, podcasts, or online workshops for my photography business in order to make sure I get the first job done. I work late at night to get contracts done and marketing materials up. 

So essentially it's a normal American day of juggling multiple passions and jobs and people to make life an adventure. I'm sure it'll flatten out eventually but for now hectic is where I'm living and it's fine, I'm fine, but the horse is dirty... all the freaking time.

Anyone have any tips? Do you struggle with working from home? Opening a new business?