The Bachelorette Recap - After The Final Rose

Well guys snapchat ruined the show again! Kidding I didn't even see the snapchat and I never trust odd social media posts to predict anything. You never know when it's been pre-planned or strategically dropped to throw you off the scent. This makes me sound like a conspiracy theorist. Wowza.

The episode starts out with the awkward family meeting the boyfriend dates. Nick shows up and the first thing that goes through my mind is he looks like Spencer from The Hills! Seriously he does!

Which is creepy - like him. I think we're missing a lot of the back story from his and Kaitlyn's relationship. I think it was a little more in-depth prior to the show than we believed and I think it was more than a few conversations here or there. However I do think there was a normal relationship fallout somewhere along the road. Kaitlyn was not thrilled to see him on After The Final Rose and maybe it had something to do with his handling her rejection of him. Or it had something to do with a bump in their relationship that ultimately made her pick Shawn. We'll never know.

Either way both guys make it through the awkwardness of asking the families if they can marry this girl that they've been seeing on a reality T.V. honestly at that point my Dad would probably have offered them money to take me. He definitely didn't put up a fight at all when my fiance asked for permission. After they leave Kaitlyn's family is quick to say that while Nick is 'nice' they're team Shawn all the way. Which is nice - because I'm team Shawn all the way too.

They both have final dates and they go like typical last dates. ABC spends time trying to undermine Shawn and Kaitlyn's relationship (similar to Sean Lowe & Catherine at the end of their season) so that we are nervous headed to the proposals. Nick is still coming off super smarmy. In fact he utters the words "I think I'm an acquired taste." I gagged there - I literally felt my stomach rejecting his words. 

Neil Lane shows up and both men typically pick the round diamond in a square halo. It's beautiful but seriously for Kaitlyn who's ring game is strong pick the Oval. It was beautiful and unique and damn it Shawn I wanted you to pick the oval ring. Either way it's full of bling and 10 times the size of my ring so I'm probably just bling envious. 

The proposals come around and Nick gives this speech and Kaitlyn is shaking - shaking from head to toe and it's not the diamond shakes it's definitive wanting to throw-up-out-mortification-shakes. Those are the worst. She stops Nick as he pulls the ring out and begins to apologize for the moment and the mortification that they're both experiencing. Nick however is not having it at all. NOT AT ALL. He is pissed and he is determined to take it out on Kaitlyn. I think the missing piece here for the viewers is that in the past few seasons contestants have been let go prior to the proposals or not been allowed to propose. I wouldn't be surprised if behind the scenes Kaitlyn was told she had to let him almost propose before pulling the ripcord. 

Either way what is done is done capiche? Shawn exits the limo looking rather debonair and immediately thanks the Limo driver. Good man Shawn, good man. He steps in front of Kaitlyn and begins his speech and she starts to get the diamond shakes. Which he does not seem to understand are the good kind. He starts to look nervous and she starts to leave him hanging but then informs him that it is him. It'll always be him and from now on she'll always be faithful to him. Shawn is truly excited and happy and immediately gets down on one knee and proposes to Kaitlyn who quickly accepts. We end with them making out.  

After the Final Rose comes on immediately after and thus I'm grateful that UnReal is on my DVR because I'm watching this y'all. Nick comes out and he is upset, and he is still rocking the gross Spencer beard, and I'm still tweeting about it. Never the less he doesn't smear her name with anecdotes for "Make Love" because let's be honest ABC did that for him. Instead he is angry that she loved him and that she said that to him. Because Nick himself has never once loved a girl he dated and later broken up with her. Just because it happened to you on reality TV doesn't make it the first time someone has told someone else they love them and then later on broken up. That's more realistic than the rest of the show!

Kaitlyn and Shawn come out and they are like toddlers with their favorite toy. They're excited and happy and they can now snapchat in bed selfies as much as they want. Shawn makes several statements that he is just finally happy they she is his and that he can defend her now. Because he does  see himself as Kaitlyn's man and she is his world. I like it. A lot of people feel Shawn is too possessive and needs anger management. First: editing people, it's all edited to build up emotions and feuds that are probably a little less intense in real life. Secondly: maybe Kaitlyn likes it? People are quick to say that possessiveness is bad and that men need to back off. Some women like it - to some women possessiveness is a turn on or a sign that their significant other desires/loves/wants them. Seriously I love it when EC is a little possessive. The arm across my chair, the hand on the small of my back, the kiss in public because I'm "his person." Maybe I'm weird who cares. Maybe I'm not feminist enough - who cares? Not me I don't care I'm pretty happy with my relationship.

There are a few moments where Nick & Shawn hash it out on a tiny couch of awkwardness and Shawn politely calls ABC out on showing their feud instead of their romance - you go Shawn coco. Nick leaves and Kaitlyn gives some epic eye rolls in regards to Nick and twitter continues to implode. Ultimately Kaitlyn & Shawn are just very excited to go to Starbucks. Can't blame them a bit I'm pretty excited to go there today as well. 

What do you think of the finale? Could you see some of the edits making things more than they were? How do you feel about Shawn being possessive? Did you wish he picked the Oval ring as well? Let me know!