Not so Seizing the Day

This morning I woke up and decided to seize the day and conquer Wednesday. That promptly went about as well as could be expected. I jumped out of bed and landed on the dog - he certainly was not thrilled in the least. Went downstairs to make breakfast, I've decided to be semi-healthy and make boiled eggs for breakfast. I then without fanfare manage to ruin the eggs. One apparently had a small minute crack in it and it promptly spilled its contents into the boiling water. The other 2 boiled a little less than they should've so upon opening I was left with some very gooey yolks - which are my least favorite kind. 

So now it's 1 pm and I'm sitting here determined to be somewhat productive. Not just with my blog but with my real job as well. I've only got one photo open in light-room that I'm working on and only this one blog post open. I've got my work computer up and running and I'm logged into the system - but it's just staring back at me. 

I'm not entirely certain that this is what they meant about being an adult and working in the real world when I graduated from college. I'm fairly certain it's not what my degree outlines as potential employment opportunities, and I'm pretty sure my professors aren't ever going to use me as an example of someone from the University  who is "Killing it" in the real world.

And maybe that is ok - maybe it is ok that I sort of flounder throughout the work world every so often. I'm pretty sure I was never cut from the corporate cloth and I love the freedom to take a nap when I truly need one. I have trouble following leaders who didn't excel at the position I'm in. I like to learn from people who have been in my role and dominated.

But I also don't like working in the corporate world anyways. Politics and pacts just are not my thing. My fiance and I always joke we could be hermits - so long as I have an outlet to write, my camera, a good book, and the horse we could live by ourselves happily. Not to say that we don't love our friends and enjoy outings and catching up over an adult beverage. We just also love to cocoon ourselves and enjoy our life together. 

But I digress I've wandered off the path of seizing the day and striving to get past the failure of the morning. Which if I'm honest they weren't failures they were just not the way I envisioned them going. Anyone have any tricks for making the best out of morning setbacks?

Now that I've had that kind of morning my Stitch Fix box is here and I plan to go try on everything.