Pin It Wednesday

Pin It Wednesday.png

Today I thought I would highlight some of my favorite pins that I've seen lately. I believe total I've got 10 boards and a couple of hidden ones for my wedding as well. I love pinterest - I can find not only info for my horse but design concepts for my wedding and graphic design inspiration for my blog. I used to do a Wednesday link up for Pinterest but I believe that one has stopped. If anyone is interested in this turning into a blog link up let me know - I'm happy to facilitate!

So obviously I'm loving pastels, lace, and bold dresses for spring. I found that hair style and I think I'm going to shoot for that cut soon. I'm cooking that recipe modified somewhat this week - I'll let you know how it goes. The floral, I mean wow, those florals are gorgeous they're my wedding inspiration. Ending with horses of course - those braids, I can hardly handle their perfection. Imagine braiding a small child and how hard it is, now imagine a 1200 lb antsy opinionated child that you have to braid 4 feet of. It's hard to nail those braids and I love them.

All photos are linked to their original website unless the pin was broken. Then it's just plain out of luck.

What are you Pinning lately?