Periscope - a New Social Media

I have recently discovered this app on my phone/ipad called Periscope - it's a live broadcasting app that allows you to speak directly to an audience or be part of an audience as someone else broadcasts. 

What I am enjoying about it is the ability to learn from other photographers who I maybe wouldn't have had such immediate access to without the app. Several really talented Boudoir Photographers broadcast constantly doing Q&A sessions, live broadcasting a shoot and answering questions, or having group Power Hour broadcasts aimed at educating others on marketing and business sense. 

I'm enjoying the constant access to others in my field and I have the "GOAL" of integrating it into my business as a normal thing. So today I'm going to attempt to do a quick broadcast to get my feet wet. Since I do equestrian sessions I thought it would be a good call to introduce you all to my gelding Liam - and probably by default all 6 of the other horses in the barn!

Do you have Periscope? What do you think of it?