A Few of my Favorite Things

So yesterday the mail came and it made me swoon - not once but twice! I love getting mail and I even more so love getting pretty things in the mail. In came some gorgeous prints from a new lab - they're fine art prints and the texture and quality of the print is STUNNING. They're definitely a lot more expensive than my normal prints but honestly they're worth it, they're beautiful. So I will be offering my normal high quality print services and now a Fine Art print collection as well. Contact me if you'd like pricing for the fine art prints or to learn more about the new products I will be featuring. 

Then in the second package - which made me squeal out loud were these amazing stamps with my logo on them from How Joyful. Guys they're beautiful and perfect - I can't wait to stamp everything. Literally everything gets a stamp now... you've been warned. 

What are some of your favorite products? Any wonderful Etsy shops that you love? Tell me more...