Monday Fitness

monday fitness

Good morning and happy Monday! 

I hope everyone had a really wonderful Easter weekend. Mine had both highs and lows but overall it was a nice relaxing few days. My lows were that my sweet lovebird Sunny passed away at the age of 16/17 from a brain tumor. Her sweet chirps will absolutely be missed in my home. 

The ups were I completed week 1 of my Athletic Rider challenge and I'm loving having access to the Beachbody 30 day trial. Having the ability to pull up P90x or Piyo Sweat whenever I want makes me uncharacteristically happy. I did 6 workouts in 7 days and I am loving the sense of being sore but also working on the muscles I need to be a better rider. Another up was that either I had a break through with Liam or he entertained my requests this weekend. We worked a lot on bending and canter poles on a 25 meter circle and he was able to balance a great deal of the workout as well as he didn't hang on my hands as much. Baby steps in the right direction.

My thought process on this gloomy Monday is fitness inspiration. Monday's make or break your workouts for the week - so having a good workout on Monday is crucial. Some simple practices that help me get up and workout on a Monday.

  • Sleep early on Sunday night, which I know is easy to say and hard to do. I struggle falling asleep early so one thing I do is make sure I'm in the bed by 9:30. Whether I read or watch TV or just relax my body is at least resting.
  • Write it in your planner - whether that's on paper or in your iPhone putting it down with an alarm to remind you is crucial. It keeps you accountable to the task.
  • Have you water bottle and tennis shoes laid out. This makes a big difference for me. I switch into my workout gear first thing in the morning and then walk the pups. This keeps me on track to work out once I get back inside.
  • Pick something that motivates me. For me it's the Athletic Rider page on Facebook. Leah sets up monthly challenges and they're geared towards equestrians which keeps me accountable since I want to help my horse out as much as possible. 

I hope these tips help and motivate you - have a great MONDAY workout!