Let's Discuss This...

As many of you know (cue: all of social media knows) Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert called it quits yesterday. OUT OF NOWHERE!!!! Sorry I got a bit emotional there. It's been a rough month between Jen & Ben and now B & M - it's just a lot of lost love to take in. Now honestly Jen & Ben I don't really care about but B & M -  I care, I care a lot about them.

I care for a variety of reasons that may or may not be logical. I remember driving down back roads in college going way too fast and listening to Gunpowder & Lead. I related y'all - not in the 'my man hit me' kind of way. But in the I am a woman and I will handle this and I do know how to shoot a shotgun. I related and I sang it.. on repeat... like literally 567,845 times. My friends hated me.

I died a little inside when they #WonAllTheAwardsAtTheSameTime like they do at every single awards show. I mean it is HARD to hate a couple that are simultaneously killing it in their careers which happen to be in the same industry. Now who do I cheer for? I mean they're going to keep winning stuff...at the same time... is it going to be awkward? 

ALL THE ANIMALS. They own like all the animals and they're all rescues and they have horses and llamas and other assorted livestock on top of 15 DOGS. I am assuming Miranda will take them with her? Because I honestly would be worried about Blake stepping on them alone at home when he gets to drankin' (ps: I totally had to add that word to my dictionary.)  No worries though associated press is stating Miranda started moving them out this weekend to her Nashville home. So at least one problem is solved.

That time they wrote "Over You." Let's be honest here... I BAWLED my eyes out and belted this song out over and over and OVER. I owned the song, I worked out to the song, I cried because I was in the throes of a breakup to this song. This song defined my junior year of college.  Miranda defined my college years, back when I was skinny my jaw line looked like hers, add in my platinum hair and people were all "You look like Miranda!" And it was easily the best thing ever. 

Then she married Blake - and my love life perspective changed. I was all "ok it's ok to fall in love with a man with a great beard and live happily ever after." Note said man in my photo to the right --------->

They fought the rumors with humor - always with humor and laughter and twitter. They were the couple guys. The couple. He burned a mansion down trying to do the perfect night. She lost all that weight and wears those Tony Lamas, and guys her hair is the bomb.com.

But it seems like it came out of nowhere. His twitter header is still her face - and they were just performing on the road together. But rumors state that Blake filed and for me that's fishy. It's almost always the woman who says "ok enough is enough we need to do this." For Blake to have been the one to file... I find it weird. The statement they issued is sad, "This is not the future we envisioned." To me something is up. Something big.

My wild mind is running with: "Did he knock someone up?" "How dare he HE IS MARRIED!" "Was it that Ashley girl that was in his Lonely Tonight video?" "Because home-girl wears a lot of eyeliner." "Gotta be careful of those girls with more eyeliner than eyes." "Nope couldn't be her... she's Miranda's bestie!"  *GASP* "How dare she!"

See my mind runs away. In reality I doubt we'll ever know the true reason and honestly it's not exactly our right to know. Would we love to, absolutely, we're human and social media makes everything front and center for us so we're a naturally inquisitive bunch now-a-days. And it is their right to privacy - they deserve time to mourn a marriage and life that they had planned together that has obviously not gone the way they wanted it. 

One thing for sure it that there should be some good music coming our way soon.