Taking The Plunge - Photography + Floral Designs | Ball Ground, GA

Sometimes you gently roll into new life changes and embrace the slow and steady of the change as it washes over your life. Other times change bursts upon you and you cling to it as you ride the rollercoaster. I'd like to think I'm experiencing both this morning and while they're exciting - I'd prefer the slow and steady to take over.

This morning I submitted my resignation to my day job to further pursue my passion for my business. Now granted I worked from home so it's not like a huge work day change for me, but it is a shift. A shift to not just working for my business from 5-9 at night. Not just booking weekends. But now the full freedom to work weekdays and morning and afternoons and whenever and wherever I want. That's A LOT of freedom y'all. 

But it's great and I'm so excited and my first order of business is to head to my studio and build a bouquet - because I packed my first day of working for myself full of designing and editing. 

And if you haven't already head over to my Facebook page and check out the AMAZING video from the Winter Mountain Top shoot I had the opportunity to be a part of of the weekend. Seriously - I got to work with an amazing group of vendors and some seriously beautiful blooms.