How to Gracefully Quit your Job

how to gracefully quit your job

I know I've blogged recently stating that I'm loving my new job and I've even previously blogged about quitting my job. But let's discuss a couple of steps to gracefully quitting your job and leaving a position that you despise with an open door. 

1. Aim to leave this position and have the option to return. Seriously even if you hate it and wish the building would burn down you want to leave with the option to return. Simply because you never know, the leadership may change, the economy may dip, or you could even miss the job later. Either way leave with a note in your file stating "Welcome Back.'

2. Find a calm moment to tell your boss. Don't ambush him in the middle of a meeting or pull him out of a conference call. No matter how eager you are to leave the role and the company be respectful of your boss's time. He isn't aware you're going to blow his day up and make the rest of his week hectic. He/She is just trying to manage the fires they're already dealing with. 

3. Start with - I really appreciate everything you've done for me. Because even if your boss sucks and you dislike everything they have done as a manager. They have probably at some point defended you or gone to bat for a mistake you've made. I had zero respect for my last boss by the time I left - but I know more than once he's taken my side against a recruiter so I could at least be appreciative of those moments. 

4. Always have a printed letter of resignation with a hand written signature. 5/6 sentences depicting your appreciation and willingness to help out in the 2 weeks between now and your leaving the company.  Even if your company has an immediate dismissal policy set it up so that you're offering to stay for 2 weeks. My previous company had an immediate dismissal with an armed guard policy. So while it's weird and slightly awkward to be escorted out I made it a priority to offer to be available. This letter will go into your file and should you ever need a recommendation or want to come back the letter is your calling card of sorts. 

5. Dress professionally - even if it's casual Friday show up looking professional. You're leaving your last impression and it should be a good one. You want to company to miss you not be excited that you left and are no longer their problem. Dress your best and exit on a good note. 

Hopefully this helps a little with the nerve wracking task of quitting your job. I know it really stresses me out so I hope these tips help make it a smooth and uneventful transition for you!

What are your best tips for resigning your current position?