Home Office Love

Happy Monday everyone! It's happy for me because I finally FINALLY have a home office in the works. It's not done or even remotely started but it exists and it makes me beyond happy. I selected the back bedroom of our new house because it had a small nook and a key hole window as well as a large full window that lets in a lot of natural light. 

Sunday my fiance was extremely sweet and took a piece of granite counter-top that I loved (and that we just had lying around) and built me a floating desk. I'm still perusing pinterest for chair and we're in the process of cutting additional counter-tops for floating shelves along the walls but it's a huge start and I feel so grateful to have my own work space. 

I always feel more productive at a desk and not having one for the past 6 months has in my opinion held me back a little on my work flow. Hopefully this is the last little bit I needed to get the juices really flowing! 

Here's my inspiration for the office design - I'll post pictures once it's finished!

As you can see I am loving clean lines, neutral palates, and small pops of gold color and pale pinks. What are you loving for your home office design? Any tips or tricks you can recommend? All photos are linked back to their original websites!

Stay tuned this week for a big announcement regarding our wedding! Any guesses what's happening?