How much is that Grey Thoroughbred in the Window?

I finished up some lovely edits last night for the minis in Asheville and stumbled across a couple of my guy that I had jokingly snapped between outfit changes. I think he's pretty adorable if I do say so myself. 

Right now we're struggling with heel growth. It's been really educational moving to the new barn. I come from a background in Saddlebreds who honest to God have amazing feet naturally - so I've never struggled to grow heel or maintain a certain hardness to the sole. So dealing with Liam being thin soled, no heel growth in the back right now, and of course he has a little whiteline and thrush going on. It's stressful because for all of his poor qualities he makes up for it by having a wonderful personality (basically he's a little shit) that is always entertaining - and some amazingly comfortable gaits. So while we're dealing with this tenderness I'm mostly just hacking around trying to also develop some back end muscle. But at least he's cute right?