An Ode to my sweet Pup

Have you ever loved a dog so much you can't stop looking at them? Because that is my sweet Rossi. This dog - I can't even. She has been with me through so so much. 

I bought Rossi from a random guy at a flea market in 2009 after he threatened to send her to the pound since she was a runt and all of her litter mates were sold. I bought her sight unseen for $50, while her litter mates had gone for $400. Bargain puppy if I don't say so myself. 

When I arrived to pick her up she was in a small cage screaming. I removed her from the cage and tried to leash her but I could tell she had no clue what a leash was and honestly I wasn't sure how long it had been since she had walked anywhere. It was rough y'all. After carrying her 500 feet and getting her into my car I drove the .4 miles to my apartment. She wet herself in that short time because she was literally panicking her lights out. After getting her upstairs and inside she hid under the bed for 3 days and would only come out if I dragged her.

I took her to our little dog walk area and let her run around. She'd never seen grass and she had no idea how to walk or even run. It hurt my heart, but that 4 month old puppy was a fast learner! It didn't hurt that 2 of her litter mates lived in my complex and she would frequently get to play with Duke & Misha. 

 2 weeks after buying Rossi - I bought her with my boyfriend -  we broke up. So automatically Rossi had a daddy complex. That was a rough break up for me and in the year that it took me to get my head on straight Rossi grew up and came out of her shell and man did we bond. So much that we call her my "Great White Shadow." Rossi has been through numerous boyfriends, 3 cars, and 9 moves with me. Yes we've lived in 9 different houses since I bought her in August of 2009. So seriously she's been the constant in the past 6 years of my life. 

With her being my constant come all of the quirks and weird idiosyncrasies that I know about her. She's socially inept confusing dogs everywhere with her aggressive stance that is actually her friendly face. She hates her nails clipped, we've pretty much given up. Her favorite thing is to sleep on or under the bed - no other way in her book. She loves her 'kitty' and frequently tries to play whack a mole with him. She's part crazy and will go all out loony every so often. And she talks to me - all the time. Small whimpers of stress, happy yodels when everything is going her way, and soft puffs of breath on my foot when she is so content that she can't even move.

And she tolerates me taking photos of her all the time. Because I never want to forget what a beautiful love it is to be loved by Rossi.