For the Love of a Floral Collar

I'm extremely excited for this weekend because not only am I moving my horse down from Asheville to Little Kentucky Farm to begin a new chapter in Atlanta. I'm spending the time in Asheville with some of the best people I've ever met and the reason I miss the area so much - and also to do portrait sessions. I've got one session planned in Atlanta on Saturday morning and then 3 in Asheville. 

What thrills me about these sessions is I've confirmed a floral collar for the portrait sessions! I love love LOVE a good floral collar and I'm so excited for the opportunity to do a portrait session for my trainer and friend with their mounts with these flowers. I'm also going to grab some peonies and other loose flowers to braid into the mane and tail of one of the mares for contrast shots. 

I've perused Pinterest and compiled some of my favorite floral shots. Take a look:

All of these link back to their original home page. I've also compiled a pinterest board as well called Floral Collar Love. Check it out to see more of my inspiration. I can't wait for this weekend! If you're in the Asheville area let me know I'd love to include you in with the group of floral collar portraits!