Floral Love | Ball Ground, GA Floral Design

So it keeps happening - I keep stopping by the wholesale place and grabbing whatever is beautiful and taking it home with me. I wish I could say I was sorry or even had the urge to rein it in but... Sorry Not Sorry. I love working with flowers, like really really love it. 

There is something about taking a natural and organic product and working it, moving it, shaping it into something that makes me happy as an entirely new object. This week's bouquet features calla lilies, ranunculus, roses, assorted greenery, and honestly a couple other flowers who's names escape me... whoops. 

I started with a few ranunculus and pink sprays as my center focal point and worked my way outward alternating roses, greenery, pink sprays, white sprays, and the occasional calla lily. Throwing in some leafy dusty miller at the end to give it some depth and finishing it off with a pastel ribbon to hold it together. 

I personally love it - I'll take it apart tomorrow and reinvent it. Most likely focusing on the Calla Lilie's and making them the focal point for the next bouquet. So theoretically... Could you see yourself walking down the aisle with this bouquet? Could you happily elope with the love of your life holding these flowers as you say your vows together for each other?