Floral Design Adventures | Ball Ground, GA - Elopements

I'm continuously excited about venturing into Elopements and I want to make sure that I am not only capturing your wedding day but enhancing it and making it easy on you and your love to enjoy the moment. So with that in mind I delved into Floral Designs recently. Between classes and life long love of flowers I have been enjoying it immensely!

I grew up in a family that used to wholesale Orchids - in my home growing up pretty orchids were always plentiful. Imagine my surprise when in my own home as an adult I had to pay for those same orchids and they were expensive. Mind blown, just mind blown. 

So I ventured down to my local wholesaler yesterday and grabbed an array of Ranunculus, Garden Roses, Eucalyptus leaves, and other assorted florals. I then had a blast absolutely destroying my living room and designing multiple bouquets and arrangements to suit my style. 

I'm happy to report that there are now 3 beautiful bouquets smelling amazing scattered throughout my home. My fiancé actually came home and asked who sent me flowers, I was pretty smug in replying "me." 

So when it comes to your elopement don't miss out on beautiful flowers. My elopement packages always include a bridal bouquet and I look forward to helping you elope in style!