Easy Diet Changes to Help You Lose Weight

diet changes to help lose weight

Good morning and Happy Monday!

As part of my recent quest to get in better shape and improve my diet without a lot of changes (which seem like conflicting statements) I've been tracking my food and trying different breakfast plans. I've discovered a budget friendly way to improve my diet and promote weight loss without a big inconvenience. 

  • Eggs - eggs for breakfast every morning, and yes I'm eating the yolks. I boil 2 eggs every morning and have them with some salt and pepper and glass of water and a cup of coffee. This way I'm getting both my water and caffeine fix as well as a lot of protein to start my day off. The protein from the eggs actually keep me full throughout the rest of the day - normally till about 1pm.
  • I try and have a small snack around 11/11:30 normally a few almonds, string cheese, or a gogurt - because I'm still in middle school apparently.
  • Lunch is up in the air, I'll normally make a sandwich or a hot-dog or whatever I want. I've found that lunch doesn't have to be regulated and can be my heavier meal for the day.
  • My snack around 3/4 is a coke, and yes I am working on cutting it out, just not today buddy.
  • Dinner is soup or a variation of soup. Normally by dinner between my eggs for breakfast and heavier lunch I'm not super hungry. I'll pull out a can of low sodium tomato basil soup heat it up and stir in some additional seasonings and goat cheese and call it a night. 

I've noticed that keep my breakfasts heavy with protein, my main meal at lunch, and a light dinner I've started to shed weight without upping my workouts a great deal. Scheduling a light dinner has also been great during these hot Georgia summers. By the end of the day I'm so over the heat and the humidity that something light is really refreshing. So far I'm down 7lbs using this plan.

Do you have any great weight loss tips? Any balanced diet tips?