Claiming your Photography Business

Is honestly one of the hardest things I've had to do in a while - proof that I work from home. Kidding... kind of. But really it's hard, it's actually still an ongoing battle for me. 

By claiming I mean - putting your business out there and signing your name to it and presenting it to your friends and family. Ever since I became a legit business including licenses, tax ID numbers, the whole gamut; I've struggled with actually putting it out there that I have this business for everyone to view. 

Mostly because I get nervous that I'm not good at it, the photos aren't great, that instead of constructive criticism I'll get hate mail. Not really although I would prefer people not be mean. It's kind of like tying your shoes for the first time. You're pretty proud but you're nervous that you didn't do it right, you didn't do it the way the cool kids did, or you aren't any good at it. Obviously I struggled with the whole tying my shoes thing...

Part of this comes from being new at something - so here you are shoving your business in everyone's face because you need the business to GROW but you're terrified of a bad response. The other part comes from having multiple friends who are GOOD/AMAZING photographers and comparing myself to them -  seriously go check out my best friend Kristin Faye, she's amazing. I'm in a different sector, I don't specialize in weddings, and I have different lighting preferences; but it's still hard to not play the comparison game. 

So I've started making a few steps here and there to take charge and ownership of the fact that this business exists. I'm merging a few accounts and linking posts to my Facebook and slowly but surely starting to spread the word of mouth. Hopefully it works and alleviates some of the doubts - worst case I get hate mail. Best case scenario everyone is supportive!

What do you do to confidently present your business? Are you self conscious of your business at all?