We're Buying a Camper...

Happy Monday again - notice how Monday's always creep up when you'd prefer they stay away? It's a cold rainy Monday here in Asheville and I'm busy working and waiting on the farrier to show up for Liam's new shoes. He was super sweet Saturday morning and threw a shoe so I couldn't work him all weekend. EC also picked up a stomach bug and was down most of Saturday and Sunday. We cleaned out all of sweet Sunny birds things and straightened up the house.

We also went and looked at tow behind campers on Sunday. EC works in construction managing projects for a large General Contractor. We're currently on an out of town project and hope to be on at least 1/2 more in the next 3 years. We sold our home in Atlanta and currently his work pays us a per diem which covers our rent and utilities as well as gas. 

With all of this in mind and the knowledge that we're going to be moving a lot, as well as trying to find an apartment near the barn can sometimes be a challenge - we're contemplating living in a camper. Which sounds full redneck right? Especially when you add in that we love NASCAR? Yea we do sound full redneck, I promise we're not... mostly not. 

We went and looked at tow behind campers that are roughly 30ft in length and honestly some of them blew our minds. They can really offer a lot and after stalking pinterest for a while the renovation's you can do on one that is 5 years old blew my mind. Coupled with the fact that the company would essentially be paying for it and after the jobs are over we own it and can keep it, or sell it and actually make a profit. These photos kind of thrill me:

All of the photos are click-able back to their original link so you can see each trailer's transformation. Also check out my Pinterest board Camper Life to see what's inspiring me about our potential camper life!

Do you have any experience in a camper? Any tips or ideas to help us with the re-design?