2015 Business Mistakes I'd Make Again | Ball Ground, GA Photography + Floral Design

Well it's here - somehow 2015 has come to an end and we're on the cusp of a fresh clean slate known as 2016. 2015 was nothing short of a roller coaster filled with highs and lows and mistakes that I would absolutely make again and again. It was also filled with great decisions and perfect life moves - like moving to Ball Ground, getting to know fellow creatives, and eloping with my love. Great highs and great lows and mistakes I would make again.

One being moving my business to Georgia. While maybe not a mistake it is a hard hard thing to pick up your business and move away from your target market, away from your client base, and building it all back up again in another state and city. Much less trying to define your brand in a market that you aren't familiar with. It's not necessarily a mistake but it's definitely not an easy feat. While it has been a challenge it has been a wonderful marketing, networking, and growth experience. I have met amazing creatives and have been very fortunate to work with amazing clients. So while moving my business was hard embracing the new of the situation was wonderful and exciting.

Time management has been a struggle for me in 2015. Between moving and re-branding and re-building a network, life has been hectic. My husband works out of town except on weekends (but this is changing in 2016) and I'm working every day all day. So when he comes home I'm normally headed to a wedding, or a shoot, or trying to squeeze in an hour with my horse. So learning to balance this lack of time together and work on making our relationship stronger every day has been hard - but it's also been rewarding. He's such a wonderful man that he not only encourages me in my business endeavors but he fully supports them; coming with me when he can and carrying my gear bag around, de-thorning roses when I need him to, and holding bouquets so I can judge how they would look in a brides hands. He's a keeper for sure. It's also been a struggle to maintain a schedule with my horse due to my crazy hours. I only live 4 miles from Liam but somedays there just literally aren't enough hours in the day - and this is an emotional price for me. The barn is my stress reliever - the place I go to escape from real world problems. So when I get busy and can't make it to see Liam I feel equal parts guilty that he isn't getting the work I want to give him and depressed because he's my emotional pick me up. But then I remind myself that I do this to support my dreams with Liam and I'll be building a better schedule in 2016 that allows a daily appointment with him. 

The other mistake that I made that went hand in hand with my move was my business model when I first moved here. I actually think I would do it again. I didn't move to an area where I knew people. I don't board at a barn with 20 other people. So I drastically reduced my fees and took on sessions that I knew were good for networking versus being great for financial reasons. Most people in the creative world will tell you that you you never start with your prices being low and working you way up. However while maybe I wasn't hitting my exact target market I got to meet wonderful people, beautiful horses, sweet brides, + I did work that I loved. Therefore maybe it would be classified as a mistake but I'm ok with how it worked out.

2016 is going to be a big year - I can feel it and I can't wait for it. From beautiful blooms for lovely weddings, several sessions set to be published in the beginning of the year, and the opportunity to ride my horse more. I'm pretty excited for it! Do you have any big New Years Resolutions?