5 Reasons to Have Portraits Done with Your Horse | Ball Ground, GA

It's no secret that I love a portrait session of an owner and their horse - I started my business because I truthfully feel it's a vital moment for any equine/human partnership. So I thought I would share with you WHY I believe it's vital and 5 great reasons you should have portraits done with your partner. 

You Bought a New Horse!

  • Congrats! Seriously! I bought Liam a little under a year ago and the first thing I did was snap a photo of him. He's gorgeous and he was new and we were clueless about each other. But as I've gotten to know him and snap photo after photo of him his personality has blossomed. There is something about a camera snapping that will bring out the true personality of a horse. Liam's go to expression is him trying to eat the camera, me, or my hair at all times. I love this horse - and we're having our own portraits done this winter. I love a grey horse in the winter when it's cold and everything has blue tones and I can wear burgundy which looks great with riding boots. Buying a new horse is a huge investment and huge moment. Make sure you have a portrait session done with your new partner to remember that time when your equine was new and everything was a learning experience together.

You Completed Your First Event/Won Your First Show

  • This is a huge milestone for your partnership! Shows and events are stressful, horses come out with a little more spunk than normal, and often the competition is stiff! Shows and events are such a great learning opportunity and you further your relationship with your horse every time you head off property. Remember the moment by having a session done with your ribbons, trophy, or your show outfit and number from the day. Post-Show sessions are a great way to preserve the way you felt and that sense of accomplishment you get after you've trusted your equine, they've trusted you, and you've proven you're a team!

You've Hit a Milestone Year

  • You've hit a milestone year - 5, 10, 15, 20+ these are a big deal. My older mare and I are going on 13+ years together and she's honestly that horse of a lifetime. Unfortunately I didn't know how to ride her when she was active and now that she is retired I know that I missed out on a really amazing horse. Granted we had a blast - I just wish I'd been able to harness her full potential. But these milestone years are amazing. You always think you have next year - but these are horses and nothing is guaranteed in the least. So take advantage of these milestone years. Plan a themed portrait session - I offer "Cake Smash" sessions for horses. Complete with an equine approved carrot cake!

You need a new Family Portrait/Holiday Card

  • Let's be honest - my horse is my child essentially and when I think of our family I full on include Liam and YoYo in those thoughts. So it's only natural to me to want to include them in family photos. Whether you choose a mini session or a full blown portrait session having your horse involved is a great way to bring a new dynamic to family portraits. Be even more adventurous and include your pups as well! These sessions also work well for Holiday cards to send out to extended family and friends during the Holiday season. Nothing makes  your holiday card stand out more than your horse wearing reindeer antlers or a santa hat!

You are in need of a Remembrance Session

  • There is something so poignant about a Remembrance session and while I am often saddened by what they represent I love that they also show a lifelong dedication to your horse. I offer these sessions to those who are anticipating the final months in their equine partners life. It is a sad fact that we will have to say goodbye to our mounts one day. These amazing animals who trust us to take care of them and make important choices regarding their well-being. Our horses are such a huge part of our lives that capturing the dynamic of your partnership even in the end stages is incredibly important. The quiet moments together, the wisdom in a horses eye, the way the grey hair on their faces add a new dimension to their appearance. Don't shy away from capturing your horses personality in their final years. So much of your partnership is defined in their eyes and as they age the relationship between you only becomes deeper. Take the time to capture quiet moments together, the comfortable silence, and the calming presence only a long time equine partner can provide. 

These are just 5 of many many reasons you should take some time and plan a session with your horse. I still cherish my senior portraits with my mare YoYo and every photo I take of Liam is carefully cataloged and stored for me to cherish. 

What are some reasons you would have a portrait session with your horse? Have you had one done? What was your favorite aspect of the shoot? What do you love best about your horse?