3 Simple Reasons to have a Boudoir Session

It's no secret that I love boudoir shoots - especially since I am building a boudoir closet for my clients to pull from and I own shoes that are no where near my size so clients can use them. There's something about fine lingerie, the lace, the softness, and the romance that makes me so excited for each session. This softness and romance reflects in each of image and there's something so wonderful about watching my clients fall in love with themselves throughout the shoot and seeing the confidence come through the lens as we go.

Celebrate Yourself

  • Whether you lost a certain amount of weight, got a new promotion, or are turning a certain age using milestones as a reason to capture your boudoir session is a wonderful! I recently had a client who lost a large amount of weight and wanted to do a shoot to capture her progress and new self - and she is STUNNING! She absolutely rocked her session and it came through the camera. She was sassy and confident and completely in possession of her self. Seeing her so happy with herself and so proud of how far she has come made me ridiculously happy. I can honestly say meeting her and learning her story and then capturing those moments was pretty much life affirming. 

You Just Had a Baby

  • Having a baby and growing your family is such a poignant moment in your life. It can also be a time when maybe you don't feel your sexiest and you need to be reminded that not only are you an amazing woman who brought another living breathing person into the world - but that you are beautiful, gorgeous, and sexy. Remind yourself, your husband, or your significant other that you are not only capable of being an amazing mother but an amazingly sexy woman as well. 

You're Getting Married!

  • Whether you're getting married, celebrating an anniversary, or renewing your vows this is a perfect time to have a boudoir session. Bring your veil, tiara, or shoes you wore at your wedding (or will wear) and let's create a romantic moment and celebrate this time in your life. These shoots make an amazing grooms gift and there is nothing like presenting your future hubby with an album of sexy photos of you. I've seen several grooms almost tear up when being presented with the book. It reminds him that even on this stressful (but amazing) wedding day that they are saying hello and forever to this woman who captivates them and wants to share their life together.

I love boudoir shoots for so many different reasons but the confidence that shines through by the end of the shoot is what makes it so powerful to me. 

Have you had a boudoir shoot? What reasons make you want to have a boudoir shoot?