XC Schooling

It has been years - literally a decade since I have been on a XC course and honestly that last time I be-bopped around and haven't gone back until today. I wish I could say I took my big gelding but he's just a smidge off right now. He caught himself on the back of his heel and also got a large stone bruise so we're taking it easy.

However I have a great barn family and my friend Courtney let me take her Dartmoor-Warmblood gelding out instead. Jonah is a sweet beta gelding who is brave but needs a confident rider. Which I think was a great combo for me on my first time out in forever. 

We schooled logs and brush jumps and it was an absolute blast. Jonah only had one stop and it was at a show jump free standing in the field. Apparently it was super sketchy looking. Overall it was an extremely confident experience and I could not have enjoyed it more!

Courtney's sweet gelding loves his mom and I could tell he was totally confused when I put him on the trailer and hopped on at the schooling facility. I imagine his thought process was something like this:

Bless his heart he was a good boy and a great outing for his and my first XC schooling!