Learning from Liam

This past weekend I took Liam over to a nearby farm that is specifically for working your horses over a Cross Country course/ in a dressage arena/ or over show jumping. So it's a Three Day Event facility. I took him over there to literally go on a nice slow trail ride and attempt to get him to relax a little. I struggle with remembering that he is a green 6 year old OTTB. I forget that he doesn't know everything that I'm asking him - and this day I definitely forgot.

We threw tantrum after tantrum walking through the open fields. They seem to overwhelm him and I can't help but wonder if he thinks it's time to race again. He definitely wants to take off - we had a lot of baby bucks and spinning before we settled down and walker very amped up through the fields tossing his head. It drove me nuts and gave me blisters. And I started to get irritated until I remembered he's 6, it's our first time off property, and I need to be patient.

We're moving to Asheville for the next 5/6 months and we'll be able to save enough money to put Liam into training 3 times a week. I'm hopeful that this change in environment and consistent training gives him the balance that we're seeking.

I'm also hoping for less rain, because honestly I haven't been able to ride since Friday because all it's done is rain and then rain some more. I'm ready for the summer heat anytime now!