Liam is Learning

I know it's not Friday but I wanted to recap quickly a little of how Liam's training is going. He initially was putting up a pretty good fight against the whole getting back into work thing. He wasn't a big fan and he made it known. First he ran around with his nose out like a cow for the first 2/3 lessons. Then he refused to be caught the next week. Now he's leaning a little more to the acceptance stage. He had a really great training ride yesterday and was pretty good about bending and he has mastered square turns at the walk. He was also more supple through his back and pole and didn't argue as much with us over his work. Baby steps in the right direction.

I also managed to snap several shots of him with my trainer Bri riding him.

Hopefully he'll keep progressing forward, especially since this is only 2 weeks in. How is your training going?