Weighing In

So it's been 10 days in Asheville - and they've been 10 very relaxing days. I feel super balanced here and very 'fresh'. Which is I imagine a weird word to associate with ones self. But it's gorgeous here simply gorgeous, all mountains, fresh air, and lush greens mixed with fall like foliage. I can't complain a bit and I feel even more productive here. My days are becoming more structured and I'm getting more work done. I'm up by 8 every day and I'm working hard until noon. Around noon I'm running out to the barn and hopping on the horse or watching one of his training session with my new trainer. Then I'm back in the apartment or coffee shop by 2/2:30 and working through the rest of the day.

Honestly it does vary some days and there are days where I'm at the barn for quite a bit longer and then making it up in the evenings. However I'm feeling more active. I'm riding 3/4 times a week as well as I'm working from the stationary bike for an hour every day. I'm going to start and try and fit long walk/jogs into the mornings soon. Because I just realized the wedding is a little over a year away. Time is flying. 

I think I'm still holding around 165 but I finally am feeling motivated and comfortable in the area to start making headway. I've taken to no caffeine after 4 pm and I am trying to insert more vegetables into my diet. As well as watching portions so we'll see and I'll work on updating more often. 

How has everyone's week been going?!