Stitch Fix Love

I don't think I've written about it before but let me explain the one thing I continually get in the mail that I love - stitch fixes! They are easily the thing that makes my every 3 weeks brighter. I think it's no secret that I'm not happy with my weight and I'm slowly working on that. The fact that I'm unhappy leads to me not enjoying shopping as much either. Stitch fix helps on so many levels with this.

Picture this: you fill out a questionnaire with photos clicking on the images that you like, preppy/classic/romantic/jeweled tone. It's all there - then you enter in your sizes and how you like your clothing to fit. Then you tuck in you preferred price range and colors. You can also tell your stylist the colors you hate, the fabrics you'd like to avoid, the styles that just aren't you.

This woman then goes into what I'm assuming is a gorgeous overflowing closet (I have no idea what it really looks like) and sends you 5 items that she thinks you'll adore. You pay at $20 styling fee up front and that is then applied to any items you keep.

The best part is you have 3 days to try on and see how each item looks with pieces you already have in your closet. Whatever you don't like drop in the mail and send it back! I cannot express how awesome it is being able to try items on with clothing and shoes already in my wardrobe. I normally keep 1/2 pieces and send the rest back. I did keep all 5 this past time because I had to referral credits and if you keep all 5 you get 25% off. I ended up with 5 really wonderful items for a fraction of what I would have spent in the department store.

Let me first PREFACE this with the fact that I am not a fashion blogger nor is this an ad. These are my opinions and I broke just about every fashion blogger rule. I took the photos myself without a tripod (whoops), I took them indoors because it was raining, I also had no idea what to do with my hands the ENTIRE time so I look awkward. But it'll have to do...

For this fix I told my stylist (Rachel) that I'm going to Vegas soon and I'd love to have something to wear out with skinny jeans. As well as I'm going to a formal ceremony so it would need to be less casual. So she sent me a black silk top with lace embroidery in a deep v-neck which I loved. It showed cleavage without showing actual cleavage. She also sent me a cute leopard clutch for going out which I'm using all the time now. 

I pinned a striped dress I liked for work to my Pinterest board dedicated to Stitch Fix - she found me that exact dress. 

Next out of the box was a super soft super comfy sweater. I've been pairing it with jeans and flats as well as wearing it around the house with yoga pants. It's easily one of my favorite things ever.

Lastly was a printed top for work with pops of red in it. I love it because I can pair it casually with jeans or ramp it up with red pants and heels.

She absolutely nailed this box and I couldn't be any happier! Can't wait to see what gets delivered on the 12th! If you want to try stitch fix click on my referral code: