Wow long time no talk right - and I bet you're expecting a fitness update as well right?

Well unfortunately I cannot give one to you - right when I was prepping to get into the pool and really start working out I took a slight dive off of the very tall horse and landed on my forehead. I subsequently got my first concussion and it was fairly painful. I don't remember anything from the time I fell for about 15 minutes after, I got checked out and escaped with a mild medium severe concussion and a hoof shaped bruise on my foot. I was cleared to ride following 7 days of moderate rest. 

I noticed I got headaches easier and I was pretty tired by the end of the day so that was a bit humbling since I'm used to always having energy. Fortunately my fall was a fluke accident of Liam slipping and me having the poor timing of slipping as well. I hopped back on Saturday for a lesson and didn't experience an extreme anxiety other than my horse was a little fresh. Came back out Sunday and he was a pill so I spent some time working his ass off and I was exhausted by the end of the day. Wish I could say the same for him, he's the dadgum energizer bunny on steroids. 

I did get the opportunity to snap some shots of the lesson after me and two adorable horse and rider combos. Enjoy!