Weight Loss Thursday

Weight loss thursday.jpg

Here we are again - Thursday my day where I check in on how my weight loss is going. Not well my friends not well. My fault completely since I haven't been working out and I've been slurping cokes like crack. Which they are, they're my crack... and I love them.

But something has to change and that's my obviously. We leave for Vegas tonight but when we get back I'll be swimming on Tuesday morning, doing some kind of yoga on Wednesdays, and swimming on Thursday and running on Friday. I have a wedding and I want to make my dress smaller - I want to look dainty. I want to be strong enough to manage my beast of a horse. Who I swear gets larger ever single day. 

So for today's stats:

  • Weight: 165.6 - +.6
  • Height: 5'3"
  • Jeans: Size 12
  • Activity - walking the dogs and riding the horses

I'll check in next Wednesday and we'll see if a weekend in Vegas tanked me or not!