Asheville and some Snow

I ran up to Asheville last Thursday to spend the weekend and Valentine's day with my love. It is really nice that my current job allows me to work remotely when I don't have meeting scheduled so I stayed up there until last night. When we fled from Asheville like the hounds from hell were chasing us. Because it didn't snow in Asheville - it rained ice upon us for 12 hours, then it snowed a little for good measure. We leave for Vegas on Thursday so we wanted to make sure we could get back to Atlanta without being snowed in in the mountains. 

So we fled and drove through ice and I had flashbacks to Snowpocalypse in Atlanta last year. But we made it and I'm happy/sad to report that now that we're back here in Atlanta it's snowing right now. Like a lot. Did I mention I am not a snow person???

Anyways we're flying to Vegas tomorrow and I'm not a great flier. I'm trying to focus on the fact that this is a normal flight in a big plane and we'll be fine. If anyone has any flying tips that would be wonderful, really really wonderful!

Below I included more photos from Asheville and the snow. Which I enjoyed from our apartment.