For the love of Goat-Cheese

Let's go ahead and get this out of the way - I love goat cheese. If you tracked our Costco  purchases for a year it would primarily consist of the 2 for $6.99 logs of goat-cheese, and chocolate covered almonds. Seriously that is all we buy from there. 

The best is that EC dislikes goat cheese and never asks for a bite, essentially I never ever have to share. Which is great because I put it on everything and anything that I feel it could enrich. Having an omelet, add goat-cheese. Eating a lean cuisine just throw in some goat cheese. Pasta - there's always a sauce that could use a little goat cheese. Seriously if it might go with it I'll try it.

I'm not sure it's true and I don't want to research it and run the risk of seeing something I can't unsee and falling out of love with goat-cheese, but I feel like it's a healthier cheese. It's not extremely mass produced and it retains the creamy texture and tangy flavor profile. No one tell me if it isn't healthier but in my mind it's a staple for a balanced healthy diet. 

For tonight's dinner I whipped up some toast. Sounds fancy right? It's actually a very simple recipe. 

  1. Take half a medium avocado and crush in a bowl, after it's consistency is softer mash in onion powder/garlic powder/salt/ and pepper to taste.
  2. Use 2 strips of real bacon (because Turkey bacon just doesn't compare) and cook until extremely crispy.
  3. While that is cooking toast bread and spread over the avocado mixture. 
  4. Top the Avocado with crumbles of Goat-Cheese and once bacon has cooled slightly top the goat-cheese with the Bacon.
  5. Enjoy 

My current New Year's goal that I'm working on is trying to eat local and shop local. I'm hoping to find a farm near Atlanta where I can buy eggs/cheese/butter/ and produce. Let me know if you hear of any good ones!

Thanks Lovelies!