The Sweet Pup

My college roommate graciously agreed on the fly to let me come over and use her pup as a model. She loves this sweet man so much. He was found at 5 weeks old next to his poor mom and litter-mates who had been hit by a car. No one stopped since they assumed he hadn't made it either. Fortunately a good Samaritan finally stopped and picked him up around midnight - they then called Whitney and offered him to her. She drove from UGA to north Tennessee to pick him up around 3 am and then drove home to Athens with him.

She nurtured and comforted the sweet little puppy who often got stuck and was very fearful of people. He slowly came out of his shell and became this super sweet very loyal little dog with huge ears and tiny feet. That was going on 8 years ago and Toby has gracefully aged into the wonderful years of being a true gentleman. Whitney is recently married and Toby adores her husband. He was always super fearful of men and he hangs on Mauricio's every move and word. It's utterly adorable and I could not imagine a sweeter pup for this couple. Enjoy the photos - please let me know what you think!