A Marvelous Monday & Bachelor Recap

I hope everyone's Monday was as marvelous as mine. I can tell I'm going to enjoy my new company. The easy comfortable atmosphere in the office was my first clue. The second was the fact that everyone was so welcoming - and there's a keurig. Who doesn't love a Keurig with a wide variety of coffees and teas? Exactly. They also gave me a gold iPhone 6, I can't argue with a good thing. 

First everyone see that The Bachelor is back right??? I can't lie Chris is definitely the hottest Iowa "Grown Ass Farmer" I've ever seen. I am partial to a beard, EC has the best beard. I can already tell I'm going to LOVE fertility nurses' character and morals. I'm just going to really dislike her voice for a while. Living at home girl who says the words "Panty Dropper" is absolutely not my favorite. Watch her win. The girl who gives free hugs cracks me up. I can't tell if the sincerity is normal for her or overblown for the cameras. The hug was creepy with the deep breathing and clutching at his back. We may have a stage 5 clinger on our hands. How adorable was Meagan from Tennessee?? I think it was the southern drawl and the very quiet entrance that was so sincere. Can't tell if I love cowgirls boots or not - I do love her more than teddy bear girl.   The girl from Florida easily wins worst dressed - or least dressed could be more appropriate. Carly exiting the limo singing was cheesy but it may have worked. 

30 girls it overkill - I'm not even there and I can't even handle it. I'm overwhelmed and I'm sitting in bed with a coke and a chocolate chip cookie and a sweet puppy. My anxiety levels are just too high for the little I'm invested in this show. I think it would have been a refreshing concept to only have 15 girls, the one-on-one aspect could have been so much more in-depth. Rather than the 'wham,bam, thank you ma'am' intros they're doing now.

I loved getting to see all the past couples. I still really adore Sean & Catherine, there's something very wholesome about their relationship. I can admit to watching their wedding and feeling innately happy for no reason other than I felt like they would make it. 

I also got the chance to photography my college roommates pup today. I've included one but I'll have the rest up in a post tomorrow!