New Week, New Lens, New Work, Is it Friday?

Wow guys it has been an extremely busy week. Beyond busy is the best way to describe it. Monday wasn't as busy so I got the chance to go see the pony and enjoy a nice ride. Tuesday was insane - meeting after meeting after meeting. The fun part of Tuesday was the lunch place we chose had fried green tomatoes stuffed with goat cheese. Yes Please. 

Wednesday my boss and I drove down to Savannah to meet with a client - then drove back to Atlanta after grabbing lunch at Vic's on the River. I was startlingly homesick for Savannah while eating lunch and drinking sweet tea. I'm hopeful we'll wind up there one day.

Today is another lunch meeting, which I'm starting to see is a trend so I'm expecting to have to start really working out a great deal soon. This taking clients to lunch and drinks is fantastic but it's not aiding in my get hot for my wedding plan. Tomorrow is a brunch meeting because apparently this client loves brunch and mimosa's. I think I can handle that without too many complaints. I love Mimosa's.

I also got a new lens this past week and I love it. A Nikkor 50 mm 1.8D - the detail and light that it can capture are just wonderful. So naturally I took the pups outside to test it out. Loving the moments I was able to capture. 

The weather was so nice Tuesday and Monday I just couldn't resist letting them play in the creek.

How has your week been?

Thanks Lovelies,

Sarah Elizabeth