Prepping to lose the Weight

As you may or may not know we are engaged to be married in May of 2016. Your next immediate thought is "wow that is far away..." And while yes the answer is "YES IT'S SUPER FAR AWAY" it's also a blessing in disguise. Firstly we're paying for our wedding ourselves, and I own 2 horses so let's be honest I'm broke most of the time. Secondly it's great for the fact that I have put on relationship weight/I hate my old job weight/ cubicle weight/ I forgot to exercise for the past 3 years weight. 

It was gradual and I'm bless in the fact that when I expand I expand fairly proportionally. So right now that means my ass is huge, but so is everything else so it's fairly evenly distributed right now. Does it suck? Absolutely - I've always been very fit and strong, I've never really been slender but I've been toned. Right now I'm a little more doughy and winded than I care to admit. But I'm admitting it here in my safe corner of the internet. Now I can't divulge the actual weight because my Fiance checks this blog weekly to make sure he hasn't screwed up monumentally and didn't notice. Essentially he checks up on himself through this blog. Smart man. 

On to the prepping because it's the new year and I've got 6 months to lose this weight in order to look smoking hot in our engagement photos in the spring. Here are my basic steps to prepping to lose the weight. I'll try and check in every Thursday with an update and the steps I'm taking to hold myself accountable. 

  • Step 1 - I quit my job. Seriously, I quit my job at my old company that required me to work in a cubicle for 10 hours a day and sit in traffic for another 3. I already feel immensely healthier, both physically and emotionally. I took a job where the hours are mine to decide. I work from home. Which means I cook every meal, I get up and walk the dogs every 2 hours, and I don't sit in traffic gnawing on fast food to amuse myself while I curse Atlanta. The cooking every meal has made a huge difference. I'm getting to essentially see and guide every morsel into my mouth from the picking it out to the chewing it aspect. It's a lot of control and I love it. 
  • Step 2 - I'm cutting back on the sweet drinks. I live in the South and I LOVE sweet tea - specifically Chick-Fil-Awesome's sweet tea. It's heaven in a large Styrofoam glass. I'm also cutting down on my Coca-Cola (my crack) addiction. I was suctioning down maybe 3-5 cans a day and that just is not healthy. Moderation is my key here so I'm slowly cutting down. I've been replacing it with earl grey tea and a little bit of sugar in the raw. Not completely healthy but it's still giving me a little caffeine kick.
  • Step 3 - I cleaned my house top to bottom. Seriously this was a big jump start, if my house is clean and everything is where it should be it gives me motivation to correct the rest of my life. Essentially motivates me to clean up myself. Because honestly I'm not cute fat and I'll never be cute fat. At 5'3" and weighing 140 I am about a size 6/8. I carry a lot of muscle weight and I look smaller than I am. When that weight transfers over to fat and there is still muscle there. So it's safe to say I'm above my normal 140lb mark by a distance and  I look like a small blonde blimp. It's not cute, and when my house is cute I want to be cute. Motivation in the strangest place. 
  • Step 4 - I boiled eggs/bought salad mix/ and broke out the crock pot. Just getting these things set up and in place motivates me. I'm big on budgeting so I can waste money on my horses and if I know I've bought these items and I'll lose money by wasting them, I use them. It's a call to action to not waste what I've already done. Find a call to action and use it for the better. 
  • Step 5 - Break out the phone apps. I got a new phone recently and deleted all apps and started over fresh. The 2 that I did keep and they're front and center on my screen are My Fitness Pal and Map My Run. They link together easily and are super easy to log data into. I can keep my food and my walks/runs together in one place and know exactly where I stand for the day.

I track everything I eat for a week before I begin doing anything. Sure I walk the pups and I may jog a little here or there but I won't actively begin a program until I know what I've been eating. It helps me plan for the next few weeks on where I need to work in my diet and intake. I enjoy eating carbs at lunch because I like to run in the afternoon. And then trying to take in mostly proteins in the evening. I never completely cut out chocolate because if I cut out all sweets I'd go crazy. Moderation is definitely key here.

Do you have any good Calls to Action for losing weight? Anything you do to prep for a big weight-loss push?

Thanks Lovelies, 

Sarah Elizabeth