Is pretty much all I'm feeling now, I got to finally resign from my position and walk away from a company I couldn't support any longer. I calmly walked in letter of resignation in hand and promptly said "Please don't yell at me." My boss took pity on my and listened as I explained I was no longer happy and I wanted to go ahead and cut ties as we move into the New Year. He was fairly gracious and listened without making any snide remarks. He was definitely disappointed but he made the point that he knew we would eventually have to travel and they had no intention of allowing me to work remotely ever. Choice well made on my part.

It was ironic that as soon as I quit everyone on the team wanted to call and say congrats/check in/ find out what happened. Ironic since it was an extremely hard team to become a part of and I never really felt welcomed. My favorite moment was my old mentor who quit 6 months ago texting to tell me congratulations. She really was a wonderful mentor and an extremely savvy business woman. I appreciated her encouragement to get the Hell away from that company. 

In other worlds I took the new camera out to the barn to just check it's ability to catch movement and light. It was wonderful - not only did I get the relief of quitting my job, my wedding dress being delivered, but i got to ride and then capture my horses facial expressions. I swear that horse is exactly what I needed - I will buy him carrots for the rest of his life. I included a few photos from today in this post. Enjoy!