Quitting Your Job Gracefully


This Monday I have one big thing on my to-do-list in my lovely Kate Spade planner. Quit my job/resign from my position/vacate my cubicle. I couldn't be happier and I couldn't be more elated but I am extremely nervous. I am terrible at confrontation and I hate letting people down. I may work for a boss that I can't stand and a company I don't believe in, but I am still a complete nervous wreck about quitting tomorrow morning. After careful research I believe I've compiled a list of pointers for gracefully quitting your job.

  1. Put it in print - Elle Woods style is preferred. After all it is going in your file and if they ever pull it out in the future you want them to get a whiff of rose scent and think "Ah that lovely blonde who quit out of the blue." 
  2. Eat a light breakfast in the morning. Let's not leave them remembering you via the puke dried on their loafers. 
  3. Dress for success, you want them to be sad you're leaving not happy that the slob in the cubicle in the back is no longer an eyesore. 
  4. Rise above any negativity or snideness. Remember Elle trying to join that snobby study group? Be Elle, bring your verbal fruit basket with you. No you don't have to tell them where you're going next. No you don't have to make rude comments back if they attack you verbally such as, "I'll be impressed if someone else ever hires you." Remember you're RESIGNING, meaning they aren't firing you which means you're a valuable asset to them. No matter how the conversation goes, You Are Valuable.
  5. No middle fingers out the door - a small happy dance/spring in your step/sparkle in you eye is fine. After all you're leaving a company you WANT to leave. Be proud of it/be happy/be confident in your choice. Just don't go flipping the bird at everyone - no matter how much you despise the red head three cubicles over. You never know when you'll meet her on the corporate ladder again. 

Anyone feel better? I feel better. I needed this little pep talk, I've felt like vomiting all night long. But I promised myself ever since Brittany Maynard came into focus that I would "Do what you love." Right now that means leaving this company. No matter how awkward the situation is. Life is too short to work for a company you don't respect.

Thanks Lovelies,

Sarah Elizabeth