Welcome to Eyes Up Heels Down, a mantra my instructor keeps yelling at me. I hear it in my sleep at this point - and often when I'm pitching over the head of a horse. It's also a theme in my life, generally keep your chin up and your feet on the ground and you have the chance of going far. I have big dreams, severe wanderlust, a limited budget, and a penchant to over reach. 

I'm excited to be back to blogging I have several life changes happening and I am finally able to devote time to blogging and the community. I've also begun to dabble in photography with an emphasis on equine photography. If you're in the Middle/North Georgia area and would like a free shoot please contact me. I'm in the phase of learning and gaining experience. My inexperience can be your gain.

Currently I am engaged to EC and we're planning a Kentucky Derby themed wedding for May of 2016 - no one steal my theme or my date. I. Will. Cut. You. Think big hats, horses, mint juleps, peonies, and bow ties galore. That's our wedding plan and I couldn't be more excited to marry my love. He's a great man and I'm so thrilled he chose me to spend his life with. 

Last time you heard from me I had a bay OTTB (Off Track Thoroughbred) named Whitehouse Ridge or 'Gentry.' Gentry and I had our personality differences and he now lives with a wonderful woman in Tennessee who thinks he is the literal best thing ever. I now have this monster of a grey gelding named NoBelle American or 'Liam.' I think he's the literal Best Thing Ever, and I'm not the least bit sorry. He has a fancy trot, an incredibly smooth jump, and the personality of a Labrador on crack. He also puts everything in his mouth - including me and my hair.

I can't promise a post every day or 5 per week. But 1/2 a week to start sounds great and I'm excited to be dipping my toe back into this ocean we call Blogging. 

Thanks Lovelies,